Monday, June 7, 2010

Track Bites

I generally subscribe to the ‘track bites = badge of honour‘ school of thought, but the other week I had to go to a fancy fundraiser for work and the red welts on my calves didn’t go so well with my cocktail dress...

After ten years of rowing, I’ve developed what I think is a pretty good system for dealing with blisters, but track bites still baffle me. The fresh wounds I acquired on Saturday came through a doubled-over layer of sock. What really stumps me is that I’d never even heard of track bites until I came to the U.S. And while I love Nereid’s club Empacher collection, I have a feeling it’s the Empachers that are the biggest track-bite culprits. Even when I raise the shoes and move the tracks and foot plate back, it’s hard to avoid the bites, particularly in the smaller boats with narrow tracks.

I think I just need to find a thicker pair of socks, but it does get hot wearing long socks in the summer…. Have any of you found any tricks?

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access with dignity said...

Try JLRacing for "Bitebuards". I think they are 25.bucks but they work great and breath a bit so not that hot. I have used them a few times in Empacher and they work great. Doug B.