Friday, August 27, 2010


Nereid master’s rowers have had a lively, winning season in regattas around the region. Here are the highlights:

US Master’s Nationals, 12-15 August, Camden NJ
Andrea Hurwitz, rowing with Vesper, 1st place, Women’s 8+, 4+ and 4x
Marc Monplaisir, rowing and PRRA’s Jim Benz, 1st place, Men’s 2x finals
Charlie Johnston, 4th place, Men’s lightweight C 1x
Rob Welsh, 6th place, Men’s AA 1x
Eric Hagberg, 5th, Men’s lightweight 1x
Marc Monplaisir, 4th in heat 3, Men’s B 1x
Andrea Hurwitz, with PRRA member Clemens Reinke, 4th place in mixed 2x.

Mayor’s Cup, May 30, Providence, RI
Rob Welsh, 4th place, Men’s Open 1x
Briant Canha, 6th place, Men’s Masters 1x

Derby Sweeps & Sculls: June 5, Derby, CT
Briant Canha, 2nd place, Mens Masters 1x
Charlie Johnston, 1st place, Men’s Masters 1x
Rob Welsh, 1st place, Men’s Open 1x

Schuylkill Navy Regatta, June 12, Philadelphia
Julian Fernandez, 3rd place, Men’s Lightweight Intermediate 1x
Rob Welsh, 4th place, Men’s Intermediate 1x
Chris Buesser, 5th place, Men’s Intermediate 1x

New York Athletic Club Masters Scullers Invitational, June 13, Travers Island, NY
Charlie Johnston, 1st Place, Men’s Masters 1x
Briant Canha and Erik King, 2nd Place, Men’s Masters 2x

Carnegie Lake Regatta, June 20, Princeton, NJ
Eric Hagberg, 1st Place, Men’s Masters 1x
Charlie Johnston, 4th Place, Men’s Masters 1x
Ian Hawkins, 6th Place, Men’s Master’s 1x
Bonnie Triolo and Stacey Ornitz, 6th Place, Women’s Masters 2x.

Catch the Cooper, June 26, Camden, NJ
Marc Monplaisir, 1st place, Men’s B 1x
Andrea Hurwitz, 1st place, Mixed Masters 4x, and 1st place, Women’s Masters 4x

Independence Day Regatta, July 4, Philadelphia
Andrea Hurwitz, 1st place, Mixed Masters 2x

Diamond States Masters, July 25, Wilmington
Andrea Hurwitz, Briant Canha, Justin Rauch and Helen Woznack, 1xt place, Mixed 4x
Charlie Johnston, 2nd place, Mens C-D 1x
Andrea Hurwitz, 2nd place, Mixed 2x

Quaker City Masters, July 31, Philadelphia
Marc Monplaisir, 2nd place, Mens A-C 1x
Eric Hagberg, 3rd place, Mens A-C 1x and 2nd place, Mens A-C lightweight 1x
David Wolf, 6th place, Mens D-H 1x
David Wolf and Joe Oliver, 7th place, Mens D-H 2x
Joe Oliver, 4th place, Mens D-H 1x
Andrea Hurwitz, 1st place, Mixed 2x

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